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With your family being the most important thing to you, their well being and security must be your biggest priority. In addition, having worked hard for your home and valuables, you are keen to secure them. In order to protect both your family and belongings, you need the ADT monitored security in California. ADT monitored home security is the unmatched security provider in California offering a heightened 24 hour security that is backed by an extremely responsive customer service.

As a California resident, you will only have to spend a small amount of your monthly budget to enjoy superior security monitoring services that alert you and the security center immediately any security threats are noted. In the event your home alarm is triggered, the ADT customer monitoring center immediately deploys an emergency response team. Equipment and features with ADT monitored home security in California

Regardless of your choice of package, our California standard offer comes with many useful features required to protect your home. Some of the services on the ADT home monitoring security include:
• High-decibel siren
• Yard sign and window decals
• Infrared interior motion detector
• Keychain remote
• Digital keypad
• Backup battery
• Three Points of Protection (Door/window sensors)
• Manual police, fire and medical alarms

Upon subscription to the ADT monitored home security, homeowners in California qualify for ADT’s Quality Service Plan. On this plan, the labor costs and parts for all your newly installed equipment are catered for.

The plan further gives you a chance to easily upgrade your California monitored home security system. In a bid to ensure that you receive a customized service, the ADT security system offering can be adjusted to meet your special needs. Some of the options available include carbon monoxide detectors, water detectors and many more unique detectors.

Enjoy the many benefits of ADT monitored security in California If you ever worry about your California home security, you need ADT home monitoring to take care of your concerns. It does not matter whether you are at home or away, you need an assurance that your California home is protected. Depending on your particular needs, you have a chance to increase your protection against intruders, fire, flooding, carbon monoxide and a host of other threats.

ADT has active monitoring centers that observe your alarms on a 24 hour basis. When the staff at the monitoring center identifies an emergency, they promptly send a response team and at the same time notify the local authorities. With a California ADT home monitoring alarm in place, you can count on a fast response every time an emergency occurs.

Having peace of mind is a precious feeling. With the California ADT home monitoring system in place, you will rest easy in the knowledge that someone is watching over you and your loved ones.

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